Karate-A whole body workout for kids


All children need physical activity, and karate is very suitable for several reasons. Doing sports is very important for adults and children as sport helps to develop bone structure and muscles properly, regulates metabolism, and is a great way to socialize.

Karate: The Whole Body Workout For Kids

Martial arts encompass a vast number of disciplines that have developed in different places and periods and include both a purely technical and physical aspect and a mental and spiritual component. From Latin, the word “martial art” means “art of Mars,” Mars god of war. 

Despite the meaning of the words, this type of workout is very suitable for children because it satisfies their need for physicality, and their energy is channeled according to precise rules. 

The main benefits of martial arts are both physical and psychological. Among the various disciplines, those preferred by children under 11 are judo and karate

They are suitable for the most restless children and the more introverted ones because they develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and discipline, and teach kids to make decisions like a leader. 

They also teach respect for the rules, respect, and care for others because they are a philosophy of life before physical activity.

Martial Arts For The Child: The Physical Point Of View

From a physical point of view, martial arts are excellent for developing coordination between the various limbs and the harmonious development of the muscles (unlike other sports where mainly only legs or arms are used), helping to maintain flexibility and elasticity. 

Typical of children and adolescents even in adulthood. Furthermore, you train yourself to make decisions quickly (for example, to parry a punch or dodge a kick), and therefore also mentally, you learn continuously to be attentive and reactive.

Martial Arts For The Child: The Psychological Point Of View

From a psychological point of view, the gradual advancement given by the goal of achieving the different belts makes your child learn the awareness of having to commit to achieving something, increasing self-esteem when the goal is achieved. 

In addition, martial arts are not “competitive” sports; there is no tension associated with winning at all costs. There are races and sports competitions, even if the main objective is to improve more and more in the various techniques. 

Indeed, those who have a fixed obsession with victory or constantly beat the opponent are certainly not well regarded. After all, many martial arts were born hundreds of years ago. 

The teaching was to learn how to fight and a philosophy of life helpful in facing the difficulties encountered in everyday reality and overcoming my fears and insecurities.


Among the benefits of martial arts for kids, karate is a complete workout for children with the ability to put them in shape and tend them active, allowing them to vent their energies constructively. 

The practice of karate favors the development of a healthy character and discipline, which teaches us to face sacrifices, resist efforts without complaining, and overcome obstacles with ever greater determination and tenacity, without ever giving up. 

From a physical point of view, martial art helps to improve several qualities, such as agility, flexibility, reflexes, balance, coordination, and motor skills. 

The many positive aspects of martial arts makes it ideal and recommended for all ages, both for physical and motor development and from a social and interpersonal point of view.