Join us as we step into a broader horizon with LBKI, founded by the same visionary behind Little Lions.
Enrollments for 5-year-olds have been discontinued as we enhance our program to better suit the developmental needs of older children.
For all new enrollments, we warmly invite you to explore the LBKI website.

Little Lions

Martial Arts classes for kids

Martial arts classes for kids provide numerous benefits, such as improving physical fitness, developing discipline and focus, and building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Your kids are amazing. They’re full of energy, life, and potential. You want to see them happy, active and healthy, doing something they love. But you’re also worried about their safety. How can you give them the discipline, strength, and confidence to defend themselves without violence?

We are a group of passionate karate instructors who want to share our love of martial art with as many people as possible. We believe that karate has more to offer than fitness or a form of self-defence; but a way to build character and discipline in children. Our goal is to provide a fun and supportive environment where our students can learn and grow in their skills.

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Who We Are

Who are Little Lions?


Little Lions are our younger students from 5 to 9 years of age.

Their sessions are fun-filled martial arts classes for kids, where they learn karate fundamentals while focusing on other essential life skills. Some of the skills we develop during our broad curriculum are Focus, Discipline, Balance, Ability to listen and communicate, Following instructions and more.

To keep the fun element going and keeping our little lions engaged, we organise games that are not only helpful for them to be ‘Karate=ready’ in their lives but also develop their life skills.

At Little Lions – Karate Classes Auckland, kids will learn martial arts-based activities in a fun, active and safe environment with friendly and qualified Instructors.

Karate For Kids In Auckland
Karate in Auckland


Little Lions (5 to 9 years old)

Our Schedule

5.35 pm to 6.05 pm