As soon as your kid celebrates his/her fifth birthday, he/she is eligible to join the program.

It is real Karate. We teach kids the necessary things that are required for them to continue their training at this young age. Five to seven years is the best age to build, develop and maintain flexibility and balance. However, we parallelly focus on their life skills like discipline, listening, communication, teamwork along with the fitness aspects of Karate.

Sure, the candidate can join us a few months before reaching his/her 8th birthday. Once he/she gets to eight years of his/her age, then he/she can move on to one of our regular LBKI classes.

Children are welcome to continue the Little Lions program until they are 8 years old. However, if preferred, your child can move to our LBKI classes after their 6th birthday (as that is the age requirement for LBKI).

Awarding of the belt depends on several factors. Our aim is that the candidate achieves his/her last belt, i.e. Yellow with a white stripe (that is the first belt in our LBKI belt system) before completing the Little Lions programme.

Every three months or after the attendance to 20 classes between each grading – whichever occurs last. You may not be eligible for the grading if you have more than two weeks between classes and holidays.

On the assumption that the candidate is joining the programme right after his/her fifth birthday and meeting other requirements, he/she will get the following at three-month intervals:

White belt (upon joining us), (White belt with) Yellow Stripe, Green Stripe, Orange Stripe, Blue Stripe, Purple Stripe, Brown Stripe, Half White-Half Yellow, Yellow with a White Stripe.

This is one of the main reasons you should consider enrolling your child with us. As mentioned, our curriculum integrates not only the physical aspects of Karate, such as blocks, punches, kicks, etc, but is also designed to cultivate in the child life skills and values such as confidence, listening skills, discipline, boldness, and many other things.

Yes, now is a perfect time to enrol your child. We do not work on a term basis. As long as there are spots available in the class, your child is welcome to join us.

You are encouraged to sit and watch during the sessions. Moreover, our belt system ensures that every student reaches some set milestones before they are promoted to the next level up.

Yes, our classes’ central theme is Karate only. Therefore wearing a Karate suit, with a club patch and a white belt is necessary. You will be able to purchase the set from our preferred online store upon successful registration.

Trial classes are an exception, and kids may try in their regular clothes.

Grading: There will be periodic gradings for belt promotions. Grading dates, times & fees will be advised at least two weeks prior. Grading fees are an extra charge and must be paid before the notified due date.

Protective Equipment: There are some protective equipment such as punching gloves, shin and foot protectors, chest guards and mouthguards that kids will be advised to purchase after a few months of training.

As of this writing, we do not have a make-up class option. This is only because both the sessions are on the same day. Once we add another class on a different day of the week (in progress), we will be able to offer make-up classes

During 2-weeks of term holidays, our classes will run only for one week out of the two. Whether this is the first week or the second week is announced closer to the particular term holiday.

We have two to three weeks of complete shutdown during the Christmas / New Year holiday period.

Sure, register your interest with the instructors and we will let you know of opportunities.

We require a 30 days membership cancellation notice in writing.