Q: What is the age range for Little Lions Karate?

A: Little Lions Karate is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 6 years old.

Q: Can a child about to turn seven years old join the Little Lions Karate?

A: A child who is a few months away from turning seven can join the Little Lions Karate. However, once the child turns seven, they may need to move up to one of our regular LBKI classes.

Q: When can my child move from Little Lions Karate to Lion Budokan Karate International (LBKI) classes?

A: Children can continue with the Little Lions Karate until they turn seven. However, if desired, your child may move to our LBKI classes after they turn six, as that is the age requirement for LBKI.

Q: What is the class structure like for Little Lions Karate?

A: Classes are typically 30 minutes long and are structured to be fun and engaging for young children. The curriculum includes basic karate techniques, self-defence, and character development.

Q: What is the belt system for Little Lions Karate, and how are they awarded?

A: The belts are awarded based on the student’s progress. Our goal is for the student to achieve their last belt, which is yellow with a white stripe (the first belt in our LBKI belt system), before completing the Little Lions Karate.

Q: Is a Karate uniform necessary, and where can we get one?

A: Yes, a Karate uniform, also known as a gi, is necessary for our classes. It includes a club patch and a white belt. You can purchase the uniform set from www.wsasports.co.nz upon successful registration.
Please note that the trial class is an exception, and children may wear regular clothes during the trial class.

Q: What protective equipment is required for Little Lions Karate classes?

A: To ensure the safety of our students, it is necessary to purchase gloves and mouthguards initially, along with the uniform after joining. Additionally, they may need to purchase shin guards, foot protectors, and chest guards as they progress through the belt levels.
These protective items can be purchased from www.wsasports.co.nz.

Q: How often are Little Lions Karate students graded or promoted to the next level?

A: Students are graded every three months or after attending 20 classes. 

Q: Is there a grading fee?

A: There is an extra fee for grading. The fee covers the cost of the grading process, certificate and the new belt. The grading fee is communicated to parents in advance, and they can pay before the grading date.

Q: My child is shy; will the classes help them?

A: Yes, our program is designed to help children develop confidence, discipline, listening skills, and other valuable life skills. Our curriculum integrates physical aspects such as blocks, punches, and kicks with lessons in character development. Many parents have seen their shy children become more outgoing and confident after joining our program.

Q: Is now a good time to enrol my child?

A: Anytime is a good time to enrol your child in Little Lions Karate. We do not work on a term basis, and as long as spots are available in the class, your child is welcome to join us. We encourage parents to enrol their children as soon as possible so that they can begin benefiting from our program.

Q: Are parents allowed to watch their children during class?

A: Yes, parents are welcome to watch their children during class.

Q: Is there any makeup class available for those who can’t make a class?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer makeup classes for missed lessons. If you need to miss a class for an extended period due to medical issues or other unforeseen circumstances, please get in touch with us via email, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q: Can children participate in tournaments or competitions?

A: Yes, we encourage our students to participate in tournaments and competitions as it provides an excellent opportunity to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience. We will inform you of any upcoming tournaments and guide how to register. Please note that there may be additional fees associated with competing.

Q: Is there an option to put membership on hold or suspension?

A: Yes, members can request to put their membership on hold or suspension after completing six months of joining. However, specific rules and conditions apply. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

Q: Do the classes usually run during the term and end-of-year holidays?

A: During term holidays, our classes will run for one week out of the two. The specific week will be announced closer to the holiday. We also have a two to three-week shutdown during Christmas/New Year holiday period.

Q. How much notice do I need to give to cancel my membership?

A. We require a minimum of 30 days written notice to cancel membership